About Longeveron


Longeveron is a life-sciences company developing biological solutions for aging and aging-associated diseases. We believe regenerative medicine, through cell-based therapy, is a promising new approach to treating these conditions. Participating in FDA-evaluated clinical trials, we are currently testing our cell-based therapy product for a diagnosable ailment called Aging Frailty, a growing condition impacting approximately 50 million Americans over the age of 60.

In addition to Aging Frailty, Longeveron scientists, doctors and the clinical trial team are working together to test the efficacy of our product on Alzheimer’s disease, a dreaded neurological condition that has no cure and Metabolic Syndrome, which affects millions of people, putting them at increased risk for heart disease. All three of these conditions are currently treated using a limited number of therapies, but to-date have no cure.

Therapeutic Areas

Aging Frailty

Aging Frailty is an aging-related condition that leads to a high risk for adverse health outcomes such as falls, debilitation, loss of independence, susceptibility to infection, institutionalization, hospitalization and death. As we age, our bodies can become less mobile, more susceptible to injury from falls, endure a decreased immune system and increased inflammation.


Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease, which affects over 5 million Americans, is a neurodegenerative disorder that leads to progressive memory loss and death.


Metabolic Syndrome

A diagnosable condition that encompasses a group of risk factors which increase the chance of developing cardiovascular disease.